Stop WordPress Stripping Formatting Tags

WordPress offers users a choice of using either the Visual tab or Text tab when making posts.

The Visual tab works much like a wysiwyg editor allowing the user to input text and images selecting formatting from a menu.

The Text tab allows the user to input raw html and thereby select his own formatting through use of html tags.

However, WordPress does not allow for users to switch between the two tabs using a mixture of html and menu formatting. If html code is inputted using the text tab and then the user switches to the visual tab all formatting tags are stripped from the code making it impossible to edit at a later date.

Luckily there is a solution to this problem in the form of the TinyMCE Advanced plugin. Once you have installed the plugin go to the advanced option and check ‘keep paragraph tags’. You will then be able to switch between the two tabsĀ and use html code as well as the WordPress formatting menu.

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