Best blog design tips for beginners

We changed the design and the logo of NetZist! Hope you like it!

We know the look of a blog can be a major turn on or turn off for any visitor. A good blog must be appealing to the eyes, texts need to be legible, and colors should reflect the brand. With our new design we hope to meet all those requirements!

We’re not expert designers, so for this update we decided to do some research and see what the experts recommend. While doing so, we wrote down some of the tips we found, and we wanted to share them with you. Here are the best ones.

Choosing your platform for blogging

If you’re just starting a new blog, you will need to choose a platform for it.

The 2 most popular are WordPress and Blogger. Even though Blogger was initially the most popular, WordPress has taken its place and now powers more than 25% of the internet, with over 82 million active users.

It will, however, be better you go through few blogs on both platforms and then go through how to create blog on them before making your choice.

Source: Jessica Knapp

Depending on the platform you pick, changing the design will involve more or less coding. We use WordPress, and thanks to its number of quality themes and the ability to add custom CSS right from the Customizer, doing the update was a breeze.

We settled on the Patus theme by FameThemes since it’s one of the cleanest themes we found. It loads pretty fast, and it’s free. With some minor changes we made it look exactly how we wanted.


Ensure that the fonts and sizes you use are very easy to read. Text should contrast well with the background, so that people do not have to strain their eyes to read it.

The number of fonts you use is also important. Using more than 3 fonts on a particular page will be sure to mess up the look of your blog. You can use a particular font for your heading, another font for the content and then a last one for your logo or highlight particular quotes or text that stand out.

Sources: Belle Beth Cooper and Nicholas Tart

In our case, we tried to keep the number to a minimum, but we also needed a monospaced font for code snippets.

Color Schemes

Using the right color schemes is important. Your color schemes should match perfectly, and, same as with typography, you should keep the number of colors to a minimum.

Source: Nicholas Tart

There are many tehcniques and tools to help you combine colors, but in our case we got help from the agency that designed our new logo. The green and orange shades, combined with our dark header, gave us a “tech” feeling we’re really happy with.

Get feedback from your audience

You should have a platform for your audience to reach back to you. They will be able to let you know what could be better about your blog generally and their opinion about your posts. From here, you can get ideas on how to improve your blog. Your audience will also be glad to come back when you are listening to their ideas.

Source: Appy

In our case, we collected some feedback from close friends and family, as well as from random strangers in the internet. That gave us a lot of ideas, and we focused on the most important things to improve first.

We’ve also added a comment box on every post, so you can easily give feedback! So, what do you think of these tips? And how do you like or new design?

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