Unfortunately Facebook has stopped working

How to fix the message ‘Unfortunately Facebook has stopped working’ on Android phones.

There are a number of reasons for receiving this message and it is important to try each step before moving to the next.

  1. Clear the Facebook app cache by going to Settings -> Storage -> Cached data-> clear cached data.
  2. If step one has failed to resolve the problem go to Settings-> Storage -> Apps -> Facebook-> clear data and clear cache.
  3. If the above steps have not worked uninstall the Facebook App and re-install. If you are unable to completely uninstall the Facebook app go to step 4
  4. This is for situations when the above steps have not resolved the problem.
    a. Go to Settings -> Apps -> Facebook -> Force Stop then Disable
    b. Go to your web browser and download the Amazon App Store
    c. Install the Facebook app from Amazon App Store
    d. Log in to Facebook

If these steps fail to resolve the problem then you should contact your phone manufacturer.

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