Using Server Side Includes

Server side includes, commonly referred to as SSI, is a web scripting technique where content on separate files can be included in a webpage.

Server side includes are generally used to include Header, menu, footer and advertising content into a page. This is extremely useful with larger sites because the content on the single included file is shown on every page. So if a change is needed only the content of that one file needs to be changed for the update to affect the whole site.  Continue reading “Using Server Side Includes”

Setting 301 Redirect using .htaccess

There are often times during the development of a website when it needs to be reorganised and pages moved into new categories or folders. It may also be the case that pages from one website need to be transferred to another.

While such re-organisation may be beneficial to the look and feel of a website it can be problematic when pages have a presence in search engines for certain keywords. Once the page has been moved a user clicking on your listing in the search engine results will be directed to 404 error page.

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