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Flippa is one of the leading marketplaces for selling websites on the internet. However, like all business deals, care is needed to get the best possible price for your site.


The title is the first thing that prospective buyers will see so a good eye-catching title is a must. Include visitor numbers, monthly revenue, website type (content, e-commerce, blog etc) and a brief description.

Visitor Numbers

It is essential that you add Google Analytics verified visitor numbers since this clearly shows the actual numbers as tracked by Google.


Having attracted a prospective buyer with your eye-catching title the description should answer questions that they may have about your site. The description should include information about:

  • the format of your site – is it written in html or does it use a content management system such as WordPress
  • whether it is easy to add new material?
  • running costs – How much disk space does it need? How much bandwidth does it use per month
  • how much money it makes per month?
  • how the site makes money – Advertising, affiliate links, e-commerce etc
  • pages/keywords that feature high on Google or other search engines
  • the reasons for any fluctuations in visitor numbers
  •  why you are selling the site – to raise cash, because you don’t have time for it etc.
  • the payment methods you accept
  • the transfer process

Above all, be honest in your description. Savvy buyers will be able to spot any inconsistencies and this will reduce your credibility as a seller.

Reserve Price

Set the reserve for your auction as low as you dare. This can be quite scary but it is better for your auction if the reserve price is met as early as possible. Once the reserve price has been met buyers know that the auction will sell and that their bid could be the one that wins the auction. There is a popular filter on Flippa where buyers can select just auctions that have met reserve price. Having your site on that option is likely to result in more bids and a higher price.

Buy it Now Price

Flippa offers an option to set a buy it now price. This price should be the highest price that you can hope to get. However, setting too high a price too early can be off-putting. Many buyers equate buy it now price with reserve price and may be put off from bidding if the buy it now is too high. A good strategy is to hold off setting the buy it now price until you have had a chance to see how the bidding is going and even until the last day of the auction. If you have two or more bidders that are engaged in a bidding war then a buy it now price can be a good strategy.

Auction end day and time

There is much debate over the best day and time for your auction to end. As Flippa attracts a global audience it is worth considering whether your site is likely to be bought by any particular nationality. Have a look at your site visitor locations, if most are from the US then tailoring your auction to end during the evening in the US may be a good move. Whichever day or time you select for your auction to end it is of the utmost importance that you choose a time when you will be around to approve bidders and answer any last minute questions.

Questions and Comments

It is important that all prospective buyer questions and comments are answered promptly and truthfully. This helps to instil confidence in you as a seller. Having public comments on your auction shows that people are interested in it and this in turn makes others feel that the site has value. If there are no comments on your auction then you can add comments yourself – adding extra information or posting the answers to some of the questions you have been asked.

Final Day of the Auction

The last day of the auction is generally the busiest in terms of questions and bids. It is therefore vital that you are available to answer questions and also to approve bids. If anyone has shown particular interest in your auction through comments or private messages and they have not yet placed a bid it may be worth sending them a friendly reminder that the auction is ending today.


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