How to Transfer a Website to a New Owner

You have sold your website and now have to transfer it to a new owner.

There are generally three elements to the transfer process – the domain(s), the site files, the site social media accounts.

Domain Transfer

The process differs depending on the domain extension:

For .com, .net and .org domains – 1. Unlock the domain, 2. Request an EPP code, 3. Pass the EPP code to the new owner, 4. New owner should request a transfer in with their registrar and supply the EPP code when requested.

For domains – 1. Ask the new owner for their Registrar TAG, 2. Change the existing TAG to the new TAG, 3. The new owner requests transfer in.


Site Files

The method for transferring site files will depend on whether the website has been hand-coded or built using a content management system such as WordPress

Hand-Coded Websites

Emailing Files – Download all site files and folders and zip them. Then email as an attachment to the new owner

Uploading Files – Ask the new owner for access to their CPanel or Ftp login details. Upload from your computer to their webspace.

WordPress Websites

WordPress websites have two components – a database and site files and folders. These will all need to be transferred to the new owner.

Database – If you have access to CPanel go to phpmyadmin and export the database using the export feature. If you do not have access to CPanel you will need to ask your hosting company to do this for you.

Site Files – Download all site files and folders from your site using CPanel or FTP zip and email to the new owner. Alternatively they may ask you to upload the files to their webspace.

The new owner will need to install WordPress to their site then import the database to overwrite the default database. The transferred site files can be uploaded to overwrite the default files and folders. Lastly the new owner will need to change the User, Database and password information in the file wp-config.php to make the site work on their webspace.


Social Media

Twitter Account

Change the email on the account in settings to the new owner

New owner then goes to log in, enters the Username and then forgotten password.

Twitter emails a new password and the account is theirs.

Facebook Account

Add the new owner as an admin they can then delete the old admin and the account is theirs.


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